Pension & Investment Consultants

Why use Invesco?

Innovative Solutions

As a progressive company, we don't sit still. We constantly look at corporate pension a plans and try to make them better - both in terms of budget and benefits.

The full review that we undertake at the beginning of our relationship is key to creating an innovative solution that is right for you. Our team members are energised then they find new solutions so you are guaranteed to get the right plan for your employees.

Not Just a Number

At Invesco, every client is unique in their needs, circumstances and budget. We don't take the square peg in a round hole approach. We ensure every package of benefits is tailor-made to suit you.

Our company philosophy is that our clients are our priority. We live and breathe by offering excellence in customer service to each and every client. We listen to what our clients say and work from that, rather than telling our customers what works for them without their input.

Value for Money

Simply put, we add value to your corporate pension plan. As the largest Irish-owned independent pension consultancy in Ireland, we work to add value to your budget. We know that price may not be your primary objective when creating an attractive pension plan but having a realistic price-tag makes financial sense.

Due to the longevity of Invesco and the industry relationships built up by our team, we can offer economies of scale to you. This could include reduced charges or access to a higher risk pool. We can leverage additional benefits on your behalf.

Experienced Team

In Invesco we have years of combined experience. The depth and breadth of knowledge within Invesco is unrivalled within the Irish marketplace.

We study the environment in which we operate every day to ensure our technical and product knowledge is up to the minute. We can offer legal consultancy, investment, actuarial service and fund accounting advice to your company. As part of the International Benefits Network (IBN) we have access to employee benefit specialists in more than 30 countries.

You can harness the brain power and industry knowledge of Invesco regardless of the size of your business.

Straight Talking

As a company we believe in straight-talking, in telling you how it really is. Financial jargon can confuse members of plans and trustees.

We prefer to talk to owners, directors and chief executives using language that everyone can understand. We translate the features of complicated financial products into benefits and risks to your business and bottom line.

Continuous Communication

Communication is key to the success of your corporate pension plan. You know your employees best so we work with you in whatever way best suits communication with your employees. You are kept abreast of all necessary compliance requirements, such as annual reviews, trustee meetings and retirement meetings by your client relationship team.

We retain integrity of information. Personal data flows seamlessly from the payroll system to the employee, the Revenue and the pension fund. At all stages it is protected.


Like you, we understand what it's like to run a business. Our managing director and directors work in the business and share the same issues and challenges that face Irish businesses today.

In addition, we have a good working knowledge of the myriad of corporate structures of SMEs and multi-nationals and can provide the right solution to your company.